Water Activities for Your Summer Stay

Check Out These Water Activities in Destin

The city of Destin is practically surrounded by water. On one side you have Choctawhatchee Bay which is always crawling with dolphin tours, snorkel tours, pontoon boat rentals, and more. This is a great area to enjoy the beautiful water by docking at the famous Crab Island or boating around in search of wildlife. The other side is home to the Gulf of Mexico. This is where guests enjoy the beach, paddleboard through open waters, and cool off from hours in the sun. No matter if you are staying on the Bay side or the Gulf side of Destin, there are tons of water activities to enjoy. We highly recommend guests book at least one of the water activities in Destin listed below to truly get to know the community. The emerald green water is a huge part of what makes Destin one of the most popular beaches, so be sure to check it out.

Check Out These Water Activities in Destin


There are so many ways to rent a paddleboard while vacationing in Destin. La Dolce Vita has everything you need and will even deliver the board to your rental. Paddleboarding off the beach is so much fun and is a great activity for people of all ages. It is an activity that is adjustable to your comfort level. Our most useful tip is to start off paddling on your knees for more stability. As you gain some confidence, you can stand up on your feet to paddle. You will enjoy stunning scenery, catch a glimpse of the beach from a different perspective, and maybe even experience wildlife up close and personal. A few of our team members have recently spotted sea turtles while paddleboarding!

Dolphin Cruise

There is nothing like cruising through the Bay in search of dolphins! Pro Tip: reserve a cruise at sunset for a breathtaking atmosphere. Your kids will love this water activity because of the excitement felt when a dolphin makes an appearance. They are known for putting on a show every now and then. If you are lucky, you might see one jump out of the water. There are many to choose from but the majority of the dolphin cruises in Destin are docked at HarborWalk Village so you could also grab a bite to eat before hopping on the boat.

Snorkel Cruise

Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters and snorkel for seashells. You may even see some colorful fish and sea life. This is another activity that is great for all ages. Most snorkel tours will give you some tips and tricks on how to snorkel so you can feel prepared if it is your first time. Snorkeling through the shallow waters of the Bay can be a great way to spend an afternoon during the summer in Destin as this is the hottest time of the year.

Fishing Charter

If you are looking for a challenge and an exciting couple of hours, a fishing charter is for you! The best time to book a fishing charter is the spring/summer as there are more species available for you to catch and keep. You can book a whole day fishing or just half a day. Then, your captain and their crew will clean the fish for you to take home and cook! Some of the restaurants in town might even cook it for you. Booking a fishing charter in Destin is a great way to make memories. Don’t forget your camera so you can snap pictures of the fish you catch.

There is an endless number of water activities in Destin to choose from. These four are just a few to consider booking for your summer getaway to the emerald coast.

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Don’t Miss a 4th of July Firework Show

Best Places to Watch Fourth of July Fireworks in Destin

There is no better place to celebrate Fourth of July than Destin, FL. The small beach town gets crowded with guests excited to experience this National Holiday while enjoying the sand, sun, and surf, of the Gulf Coast. Spend your days lounging on the beach, your evenings enjoying delicious food, and your nights resting in a comfortable beachfront condo preparing for what the next day brings. One holiday activity you can’t miss is fireworks! There are many spots along this stretch of shoreline to see them, but we have listed below the best places to watch Fourth of July fireworks in Destin below.

Best Places to Watch Fourth of July Fireworks in Destin

Photo via Destin FL Boat Rentals

By Boat

Destin is practically surrounded by water on all sides. This means it is easy to rent a boat and cruise through the Bay and there is no better place to watch the fireworks than the water. You will be directly under the fireworks providing the best view in Destin. This is a great option for those who also hope to take incredible pictures of the event.

HarborWalk Village

If you are traveling with kids, consider visiting HarborWalk Village. There will be fun activities, delicious food to choose from, and an incredible firework show. The fireworks begin at 9 pm but the fun starts early in the evening. It is sure to get crowded, so the earlier you arrive the better! We recommend grabbing an early dinner and walking along the harbor to take in this incredible event.

Baytowne Wharf

Another great option for families is Red, White, & Baytowne! This event includes kids’ activities including crafts, live music, and a firework show. The event begins at 7 pm and ends when the last firework booms at around 9:15 pm. Make sure to bring your camera with you. There are sure to be many memorable moments you want to capture.

Norriego Point

Looking for a more laid-back option? Visit Norriego Point in Destin. Norriego Point is a stretch of beach across from the Destin harbor. It is typically where locals dock their boats for a day in the sun, however, it is accessible with a vehicle. This would be the perfect spot to bring a picnic blanket and cooler and watch the HarborWalk fireworks explode above you.

No matter how you choose to spend your Fourth of July, there are tons of activities in Destin to fill your stay with fun. These spots listed above are the best places to watch Fourth of July fireworks in Destin. Where do you plan on watching them?

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Snapper Season Starts Soon!

Are You Ready for 2022 Snapper Season in Destin?

Destin is considered the Luckiest Fishing Village for many reasons. One reason is that we have the largest fishing fleet in the nation of over 300 vessels. Each of those vessels looks forward to fishing red snapper every year. The species is so popular that it is one of the most heavily patrolled fish ensuring the population numbers stay high year after year. We highly recommend guests look into booking a fishing charter if they are visiting in snapper season so they can experience the excitement felt when reeling in a ruby red snapper. Continue reading for more information on the 2022 snapper season in Destin.

Are You Ready for 2022 Snapper Season in Destin?

When Does the Season Start?

The season is different every year and this year they have opened the season for a few weeks in the summer and a few more in the fall. This is a huge bonus for guests who prefer to visit in the fall as the crowds die down a bit. The summer season begins June 17th and continues through July 31st.

The fall season spans 12 days and is situated over different weekends throughout the months of October and November. The dates are listed below:

  • October 8-9
  • October 15-16
  • October 22-23
  • November 11-13
  • November 25-27

Is Snapper Good to Eat?

A million times, yes! Snappers are so popular because they can be cooked in many ways. No matter if you prefer grilled, fried, or blackened, snapper is the perfect piece of meat to enjoy. Many different recipes come to mind however there is nothing like fried snapper, coleslaw, and cheese grits. The perfect summer meal!

If you book a fishing charter and haul in snapper filets at the end of the day but don’t feel like cooking them, multiple restaurants in Destin will cook them up for you! This is a great thing to know as a fishing charter can be quite tiring, so you don’t have to worry about preparing a meal for your family. Simply sit back and enjoy your meal while reminiscing on a beautiful day in the Gulf of Mexico.

How Can I Book a Fishing Charter in Destin?

There are so many different fishing charters in Destin to choose from. We have a few favorites on our website for you to check out. Each charter offers a different experience for guests to enjoy. It is important to know your limitations of how much time to spend in the sun. If you are traveling with a large group or younger kids, we recommend booking a half-day trip so you can be back at a decent time. However, some groups want to make the most of their time on the emerald coast, so they book a whole day trip.

Red snapper is a delicacy in the Destin area so we hope guests savor their time fishing the species! The 2022 snapper season in Destin is sure to be a successful one.

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