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A Fisherman’s Dream Come True‚ĶAn Extended Red Snapper Season





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You can tell from the pictures, catching a red snapper is one of the great joys of fishing. ¬†It’s a delicious fish and a fun challenge for anglers.


  • Thanks to a special pilot program with a big name – the Gulf Headboat Collaborative – the snapper season has been extended in federal waters by special permit for three boats in the Destin area.
  • Why? The¬†National Marine Fisheries Service is¬†testing a new way to regulate certain fishing. ¬†Many feel the regular summer snapper season is too limiting. ¬†Capt. Cliff Cox of the Sweet Jody says many people, including snowbirds, have been cut-out of snapper fishing since the 90’s.
  • When? The pilot program runs through the end of ¬†2015 or until the¬†catch limit has been reached in the gulf federal waters.
  • Who? ¬†The three Destin boats participating are¬†¬†Sweet Jody,¬†Destiny, and Destin Princess. The captains submitted an application for the pilot program. ¬†They can also fish gag grouper during¬†the¬†extended season. ¬†Capt. Cox says, so far, the new quota season has generated great “excitement” and will be “supportive of conservation of the fisheries.”
  • The program is closely monitored. ¬†The headboats in the collaborative are allowed to catch the same number of fish they would normally catch during the short fishing seasons, but the fishing time is spread out over the calendar year.
  • For all other fisherman, the Gulf of Mexico red snapper recreational season will be 40 days, opening at 12:01 a.m., June 1 and closing at 12:01 a.m., July 11, 2014.

Happy Fishing!

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