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Baby Kaya

Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

The Gulfarium’s newest addition was officially named this week with this announcement: “Our baby girl has a name — Kaya! While the name has several associations, in Japanese it means “flower,” a nod to Kaya’s mother, Lily, named for the Easter lily flower. Spelled alternately, Kaia means “the sea” in Hawaiian.”

According to Gulfarium staff, Kaya is doing very well and can often be seen exploring her environment and blowing bubbles. She is now a little more than six weeks old.

The Gulfarium is also currently encouraging awareness of the #OurWorldOceans campaign:

  • During #OurWorldOceans month, we’re challenging everyone to help make our oceans healthier and stop marine debris. This week’s challenge: Participate in a shoreline cleanup in your community. Join a program with the International Coastal Cleanup to help keep shorelines and waterways litter free. Litter is not only an eyesore, it impacts local wildlife too. Let’s make our coastlines and inlets a cleaner and safer place for everyone.
  • During coastal cleanups last year, hundreds of animals were found entangled in marine debris. Reducing your use of single use plastics like water bottles, plastic bags and take out containers helps to make our oceans a cleaner and safer place for marine mammals.

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