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Emerald Coast Grocery Concierge

On a typical weekend along the Florida Gulf Coast, thousands of visitors are checking into their vacation condos and homes, ready for a time of relaxation and enjoyment. All you want to do is get to that beach chair, but you face the daunting task of going to the grocery store for vacation essentials. If you have been to a local grocery store around here on a summer Saturday, you know the stores are very, very crowded. But no more…there is now an easy solution to avoid long grocery store lines on check-in day in Destin, FL

A locally owned company, Be My Shopper, will handle the hassle for you and it’s as easy as an online order. The company’s website sports a nifty design to help you select all your vacation necessities and goodies. The products are listed on the website with a picture of each item under such categories as dairy, bakery, and beverages. 


Here are the online instructions:
  • Start your grocery search by browsing through our catalog of products. 
  • Add the products and quantity to your cart as you find them. You can even leave us a note for instructions.
  • Once you’re done, proceed to checkout and submit your order. We will confirm the details and deliver directly to your vacation destination.
  • Place your order with us and we’ll work with your rental company or owner to deliver your groceries and stock your fridge and pantry prior to your arrival. All that’s left for you to do is RELAX!
  • The cost for the service is $40 + grocery bill + 20% of the grocery bill.

The concierge service does all the shopping at Publix, but will also pick up shrimp or fish from a local seafood market.  How nice would that be to have those few pounds of shrimp already waiting for you for your first night shrimp boil?!

Be My Shopper is a family-owned business that started after a local couple visited Salt Lake City, Utah and used a similar service while on vacation. It is now operated by Natalie and Kevin Schmidt who are raising their family in Destin. Be My Shopper primarily operates from spring break to early fall when Kevin returns to teaching leadership at the local high school.  But, according to a note on the website, “we will deliver any time if you need us!”

What a wonderful way to get your vacation started! 

Kendra Veach

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