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Beach Safety Tips You Need to Know

Beach Safety Tips for Your Next Trip to Destin

No matter if you are visiting the beach for a late spring break trip or a summer stay, you are sure to spend most of your time soaking up the Florida sunshine. To experience a memorable stay focused on fun in the sun and quality time together, it is important you understand beach safety. The beach safety tips we have listed below will you keep you and your kids from the dangers of the beach which makes for enjoying more time on the shoreline.

Beach Safety Tips for Your Next Trip to Destin

Sun Protection

Sun Protection might sound like an obvious thing to bring, however, have you considered the fact that your eyes need protection from the sun? What about your lips? If you have ever experienced a sunburn on your lips than you know how frustrating they can be. We recommend a waterproof, high SPF protection sunscreen that can cover your whole body. Your face sunscreen should be equal to or higher than your sunscreen for your legs and shoulders. Bring a lip balm with SPF in it and never forget your sunglasses or a hat. One way to almost guarantee protection from the sun is bring a cover up or T-shirt to throw on if you feel as though you are getting to much sun. Nowadays, they make swim shirts for kids who hate putting on sunscreen. These swim shirts absorb water keeping your children cool while also protecting them from harmful UV rays.

Currents & Wildlife – Watch the Flags!

Each day as you pull up to the beach, double check the flag that is flying high. It is important to know what each color flag means. Currents and wildlife in the water can make swimming a dangerous activity and its best to just avoid it on those days. We have listed the flag colors and meanings below to ensure you feel prepared upon arrival.

  • Green – Low Hazard, Calm Conditions, Okay to Swim, Exercise Caution
  • Yellow – Medium Hazard, Moderate Surf and/or Currents, Stay Close to Shore
  • Red – High Hazard, High Surf and/or Strong Currents, Do Not Swim
  • Double Red – Water Closed to Public
  • Purple – Dangerous Marine Life, Swimming Not Recommended

Know Where the Closest Emergency Help Is

The threat of something happening during your trip is low. These beach safety tips are meant to help you avoid experiencing any problems during your getaway. Thankfully, if you do get into trouble, our area’s first responders are wonderful and have protocol for many different beach injuries. Knowing where the closest first responder is could help in the event they need to be called. For example, if you are visiting the public beach in Destin near Crab Trap, there is a fire station just a mile away. There are also lifeguards along each beach that are trained well and will be able to help.

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