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BeachSandSculptures.com Shares Paris Tribute

BeachSandSculptures.com shared this creative way to pay tribute to Paris on the company’s Facebook page.  Created by Dan Anderson and Marcus Mungeam, the sand sculpture topped out at six feet tall. We featured the local company here on the blog recently as it is listed on TripAdvisor as the #1 Outdoor Activity in Destin. 12235084_1585989078171535_8156765065580560080_n

The man behind the sandcastle company is Rick Mungeam, a former renowned residential architect. The economic changes of 2008 resulted in Rick and his wife, Capri, selling their Colorado home and beginning a traveling adventure which they say has drastically changed and blessed their lives. While living on South Padre Island, TX, Rick learned the basics of sand sculpting from a master sand sculptor. By mid-2011, Rick brought his talents to the Destin area. The defining moment came when he created a sandcastle with a romantic heart for a wedding. He decided to turn the sand castle art into a business. Not long after that, Rick won the pro-am division of the World Championship of Sand Sculpting.

Beach Sand Sculptures now reigns as the #1 Outdoor Activity or things to do in Destin, Fl as voted by reviewers on TripAdvisor. A team of sand castle coaches will travel to your vacation location and instruct you on professional sand sculpting tips and techniques during a two-hour lesson. The company also offers two permanent beach locations where lessons are available. Tripadvisor reviewers say it’s a “great family experience” and “people were envying our castles for hours after they left.”12019975_1566040273499749_1269418800738955409_n

Sounds like a great way to spend some time enjoying a little fun in the sun!   To make an appointment, check out BeachSandSculptures.com.

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