A beautiful photo from Destin, FL

Beautiful Fishing in Gulf Waters

The photo is of a mahi mahi caught last week off Destin, Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. IMG_5714

Mahi mahi are also known as dorado or dolphin fish, however, they are not at all related to dolphins. Dolphins are air-breathing mammals, while mahi mahi are water-breathing fish. They are similar in taste to flounder and other whitefish. They are known for their striking colors which darken once the fish is out of the water. Catches average 15-30 pounds.

Mahi-mahi or dorado are the subject of a section of the Yann Martel novel Life of Pi. Martel describes a fight to catch the “writhing mass of pure muscle…with a bulging forehead that speaks of a forceful personality” as “giving me a ride like I imagine a bucking bronco would give a cowboy.”

Up to the challenge? If you would like to go mahi mahi fishing, contact any of our partner charter boat captains to schedule a fishing excursion. You can also find out what’s in season, depending on the time of your visit. We provide you with direct links about fishing in Destin from our iLoveDestin “activities” page to “Destin fishing charters.” First Light Fishing, Lil’ Stasia Charter Boat, and Phoenix Charter Fishing are among our favorites. You can schedule deep sea fishing or light tackle sport fishing for you, your family, or group.

Happy Fishing!

Kendra Veach

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