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Beer Tasting and Crazy Burger Wednesday’s in Destin

Chan’s Wine World Celebrates the Middle of the Week with Wednesday Night Beer Tasting!

Chan's Beer Tasting

Join every Wednesday, at 6pm. $5/person rewards yourself with a glass of the good stuff! Nestled in the heart of Destin, in Paradise Key at Kelly Plaza and one of Chan’s 6 locations. It’s somewhat a hidden treasure where food and fun are concerned. Outwardly it looks like a store for spirits, wines, and beer…. but there is a whole lot more to Chan’s Wine World!

You would never believe the food would be so delicious and the atmosphere would be so warm and inviting, but when you settle in for dinner and conversation, you figure it all out right away. Whether you are on a date or with a group of friends, Chan’s is comfortable and inviting. It is one of the Destin Restaurants where the locals gather regularly.

Trey's Crazy Burger

One of Trey’s Crazy Burgers

Particularly popular is Wednesday nights at Chan’s. Depending on who you talk to, it’s either called, “Burger Night” or “Beer Night”. Chan’s started doing Beer Tastings at most locations on Wednesday nights with huge success… and what happens in Destin is Chef Trey Griffith designs a crazy burger concoction that will really blow your mind. How he comes up with these crazy ideas is beyond anyone we’ve talked to, but somehow everyone RAVES over how good they are! They move the grill out curbside to grill the burgers 1st, then they add all the wacky ingredients. It’s just fun to go and see what the burger is going to be!

We asked Trey what some of the most popular burgers were and right away he said, “One of the best was the Elvis with bananas, bacon, and peanut butter.” Sounds crazy doesn’t it! But there was definitely some buzz about it. We have witnessed it personally… he’s not making the reactions up, and by the popularity of the night and how many burgers are sold, it is certain that he has gained the trust¬†of those¬†that go on Wednesday nights.¬†

If “burgers and beer” is not your thing, then there is definitely “wine and cheese” or gourmet dishes to take care of whatever pallet you have. For more information on Chan’s or to make a reservation, call 850-269-2909 or visit www.chanswineworld.com/destin-2/

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