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Get in Shape for Spring Break

Best Fitness Activities in Destin

Fitness is something that’s important all year long, not just for your New Year’s resolutions! And, with Spring Break around the corner, the motivation you need is here. Fortunately, there are tons of great fitness activities in Destin, from gyms to fitness classes to yoga on the beach. Discover some of our favorite places to get fit in Destin, and let us know yours on our Facebook page!

Fitness in Destin

  • Pure Barre – Barre is a huge trend in fitness right now, and Pure Barre studios are popping up all over the Gulf Coast. The classes combine low impact and high-intensity movements to strengthen and tone your body. The movements are similar to ballet exercises and you will surely feel the burn in your shoulders, glutes, and core after just a few classes!
  • Orangetheory – Orangetheory is another trend that’s popping up everywhere and is a favorite among fitness enthusiasts. The goal is to generate “the Orange Effect” by incorporating endurance, strength, and power to keep you burning calories for up to 36 hours after a 60-minute workout.
  • Destin Yoga by the Sea – Are you looking for something a little less intense than Pure Barre and Orangetheory? Yoga is a great way to strengthen both your mind and your body in a low-impact way. We love Destin Yoga by the Sea since it’s held on the beach. Just bring some sunscreen and sunglasses to beat the sun. Putting a towel over your yoga mat will also help keep the sand at bay when you are ready to practice again.

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