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4 Reasons to Book a February Vacation to Destin, FL

When you think of the beach, you automatically think warm weather, water activities, and sunshine. Typically, guests enjoy visiting Destin more in the summertime then during the winter months. However, the winter can sometimes be the best time to visit. You still get the joy and relaxation that comes with being at the beach while also not having to endure heat, crowds, and higher rates on rentals. To elaborate on why you should consider booking a winter stay, we listed four reasons to book a February vacation to Destin below!

February vacation to Destin

Sandestin Gumbo Festival

If you come to the beach in hopes of treating your tastebuds, the Sandestin Gumbo Festival is for you! It is one that the locals look forward to every year. This year it is happening on February 19, 2022, at The Village of Baytowne Wharf. It will feature live music, kid’s activities, and gumbo from all over the Gulf Coast!

Valentines Dinner on the Solaris Yacht

If you are thinking of booking a romantic stay, we have the perfect evening planned! The Solaris Yacht features a Valentines Dinner cruise through the water. This cruise is adult only adding to the ambiance and includes dinner options such as New Orleans BBQ Shrimp and Local Gulf Fish. You are in for an unforgettable night aboard the Solaris.

Beach Sunrise

The sunrise in February is unlike anything you have ever seen. The colors are so vibrant providing a serene spot for relaxation or a picturesque photo opportunity. The beach is of course the best place to watch it. Bundle up and head on down to the beach for the sunrise. Then, visit a brunch spot for a delicious early bird meal. How better to start your morning?

Shopping & Restaurants

There are fewer crowds! Meaning if there is a restaurant or local boutique you have been dying to check out, now is your chance. The restaurant menus rarely change thanks to the Gulf of Mexico supplying the seafood, so you get to finally savor the dish of your dreams. There are also tons of local boutiques you might have missed in a previous trip to Destin. Now, you can cruise along Scenic Highway 98 and stop wherever your heart desires.

These four reasons to book a February vacation to Destin are just a glimpse into why the area is so much fun during the winter months. Start planning your trip today!

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