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Chan’s Wine World Champagne Walkabout 2014

This Sunday is the 25th Annual Champagne Walkabout at Wine World in Destin, FL

Wine World Champagne WalkaboutThe Champagne Walkabout is a favorite of the “Things to Do in Destin, FL.” As I spoke to one of the Wine World employees, she said it was her very favorite event that they hold… And Chan’s Wine World holds several events, including The Destin Beer Festival, which had a sold out crowd this year. So they know how to do events right!

Champagne is the number one drink of choice for New Year’s Eve and what perfect timing to have this walkabout just before you begin to purchase for YOUR New Year functions. Don’t you ever wonder the differences in the Champagnes? Is there one out there that just really impresses you? Well, come join the event this weekend which is Sunday, Dec. 14, from 2 – 4. It’s over just in time to head to the Destin Harbor for the Annual Destin Boat Parade. So you don’t have to miss out on either!


The event features a comprehensive tasting of champagne and sparkling wines from around the world. Come join Chan and his group for this bubbly experience-Ā the 25th annual Champagne Walkabout at Wine World Destin, and let us help you get into the holiday spirit!

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