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Choctawhatchee Bay Hoppers

iStock_000014762518SmallThere are so many different things that make Destin special. Our sandy white beaches, emerald green water and unlimited amount of family fun are all factors that set Destin apart from other areas. One thing our locals and visitors may not know about a part of our water, Choctawhatchee Bay, is it is full of shrimp!

The shrimp are called Choctawhatchee Bay Hoppers and have been around forever. There are tons of them in our bay, and a lot of restaurants in Destin, as well as seafood markets, sell them. When people order fried shrimp, they probably don’t realize they are eating fresh, local shrimp. You always see Destin restaurants advertising their fresh seafood, but you always assume they are just talking about fish, well look again because our shrimp are served fresh too!

The shrimp season lasts from July to September, but during that time the size of the shrimp vary. In July, there will be an abundance of them, but they will be smaller in size. When buying a pound of Choctawhatchee Bay Hoppers in July, you will get more shrimp per pound, but they won’t be very big. In September, it is the exact opposite. There are not as many shrimp, but they will be much larger!

Not just anyone can get on a boat and go shrimping. Florida requires you have a shrimping license to participate in this Destin activity, but it is cool to know that most of the seafood you eat in Destin will come straight out of our beautiful water!


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