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Destin 5k Run on The Beach

Are you the type of person that looks for that unique “thing to do” when in different places? Try this 5k on Destin Beach

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As we started looking into the Son of a Beach 5k, we became inspired by the story and purpose behind it. It has great significance to our Nation and what our military men and women go through. So we learned that this is a race to remember and highlight the women and men that fight for our freedom everyday so that we can be safe and comfortable. The story is specifically about 4 brave men who have lost their lives and speaks of their honor and bravery. 

“Each year a¬†tradition started in 2013 will continue to honor those who have given everything for our nation.¬† Instead of the race being 3.1 miles (5K), it will be 3.3 miles.¬† This distance¬†is in memory of the crew of Ratchet 33 who lost their lives on a combat mission as this¬†race was being run in 2012 (Sat, 18 Feb 2012). During those last .2 miles we ask that all runners remember those¬†who have given their lives in the defense of our nation, especially the four heroes that died on this day in 2012.”

We are thinking, how cool is it that there is an organized 5k on the beach! What better view and change of “pace” to make this 5k stand out among others. Destin, FL is the perfect beach to do a race like this on. The sand is soft, but as someone that has run on Destin Beach, it is a major workout! Much more different than running on the street. But oh so rewarding. And then to add the fact that racers from all over are raising thousands of dollars to The Special Operations Warrior Foundation makes us proud to hold such a race in our Destin Area.¬†

destin beach ultra runsRead more about the story that brought this race to fruition and register at www.sonofabeach.org. There is still time to join the race! If you are someone that likes to travel to run races and contribute to great causes, our lodging partners have specials to help you plan your stay in Destin. So Son of a Beach 5k is your unique thing to do in Destin, FL this February 14, 2015… A great Valentine’s Getaway, we might add!¬†

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