A beautiful photo from Destin, FL

Destin Based Heritage Band

Big Sound from a Surfstyle Hip-Hop Reggae Style Band out of Destin, FL

I am inspired by Heritage Band. They have such a strong and positive feel whenever and wherever they play. They are based in the Destin, FL area but are traveling all over the United States and have their own albums with popular original music. Heritage is a favorite around Northwest Florida and absolutely perfect for the Beach.

The following is taken from their Website www.HeritageBand.com where you can also see their photo gallery, travel dates and cities, and shop their Heritage Store. Destin is very proud to have this unique set of talented and wonderful musicians who are equally entertaining, nice looking and mesmerizing to watch! Going to see them play is a true event in Destin, not just another band playing cover music at the bar. They are the real deal and are continuing to go places!

“Simply a group of guys who just want to play music”, is how front man Tony Verrechia describes the group hailing from Destin, FL. It started with meager backyard gatherings amongst family and friends peppered with musical instruments and a few vocal melodies. Who could believe that a few house parties in the summer of 2007 would mark the beginning of something much, much larger? They decided to call the group Heritage and planted seeds of positivity & love in each song they wrote. By 2009 the group had enough original material to release their first full-length album, Natural High. With the nearly overnight success of Heritage’s debut album, it was clear that something undeniable was beginning to happen: the birth of a new sound which emphasized love and good vibrations.

Heritage’s members began performing, writing, and touring throughout the South Eastern United States full-time soon after the release of Natural High. As a group, they have shared the stage with many of the greats, such as ZZ TOP, 311, Rebelution, Dirty Heads and countless up-and-coming national artists. They were guests on the 2013 Vans Warped Tour performing in over a dozen locations including West Palm Beach, Florida, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, St. Louis, Missouri, Atlanta, Georgia, & Houston, TX.

With members hailing from Hawaii, California, Florida, Texas, & Pennsylvania, an equally diverse set of influences & a passion for creativity, Heritage’s music is a unique blend of roots reggae, So-Cal surf-rock, alternative rock and hip-hop. After performances and crowd interactions, they began to hear the same questions over and over: “You’re all from such vast backgrounds so how do you create music together?” The group often laughs, “We’re not really sure, but we think it works!”  However, there is something that binds them together: a passion for genuine, heart-felt music with a message of good vibes, positivity and love.

“Where did the name, HERITAGE, come from?” A root system of a tree stretches is fingers into the depths of the soil to draw up nutrients for the health of the whole tree. People, like trees, draw from the depths of who we are to create and share life through music and words with mankind. Many roots, one tree. We all have roots that connect us to each other: HERITAGE.

heritage bandAs Heritage has grown together, played together, worked together, laughed together and yes, even fought together, the unity of the band has just continued to solidify. The culmination of that process resulted in their follow-up full-length album: Out Here…. Driven by a desire to replicate and translate the energy of the live show onto the new album, they labored over every detail from tone to texture, vocals to guitar riffs, and even their over-all message. One of the members states, “For years we played music just to have a good time, but now, we also want to play music that will truly make a difference on the quality of life for others…even if they are hard topics.”

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