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Destin, FL to Host Aerial Silks Camp

Lil’ Aerialist and Dance Camp for the Young Adventurer!

 Lil' Aerialist Dance Camp

Right here in beautiful Destin, FL, let your child learn the art of aerial dance with this 3-day camp! Participants will learn in an uplifting environment that builds self-esteem. All music and dance movements will be age-appropriate.

The Camp is structured to include one hour of jazz-style dance and one hour of aerial silks. Movements learned in the dance portion of the class will support the moves learned on the silks.

The First Lil’ Aerialist & Dance Camp will be August 4 – August 8, at Studio E Destin, 111 Harbor Blvd, a beautifully designed and spacious studio located within TheXperience Surf, Paddle and Adventure Shop… a Destin “must do” event.¬†On the last day of the camp the children will perform for an audience of their friends and family! The Camp will be offered every month for a limited time.¬†

Aerial Dance is a broad term for the style of modern dance that incorporates the use of hanging equipment, also called aerial apparatuses. Aerial silks, (also known as aerial fabric, aerial tissue, aerial ribbon, aerial curtain) is what we are talking about for the Lil’ Aerialist Dance Camp. Aerial Silks are one of the newest and most challenging, yet most awe inspiring and versatile aerial art forms. Made popular by Cirque Du Soleil, it is an exciting time for this new aerial style, because it is gaining popularity yet it continues to explode with new developments. Aerial dance training used to be limited to Olympic level gymnasts and circus performers, but now it is being offered to the public as a dance and fitness program, and there is a beautiful facility and program for ALL ages right here in Destin, FL.

Sign up for the Lil’ Aerialist &¬†Dance Camp by calling 843-450-7048 or visit www.studioEdestin.com for more contact info.


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