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Destin Float Spa Grand Opening Scheduled

Float Brothers Say, Float to a Healthier You Starting January 2016

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float brothers logoFloat Therapy, featured in Time Magazine, Military Times, Dr. Oz, Associated Press, Huffington Post, ABC News, CBS News, and more…, is becoming widely popular and the number of float spas in the US are doubling year after year the past 5 years. Introducing the Florida Panhandle’s first and only float spa where relaxation and stress relief are served daily. Float Brothers Float Spa is projected to open on January 22, 2016 at 4495 Commons Drive next to Fresh Market & Home Depot¬†

If you are local, close or visit, Float Brothers Float Therapy will be one of the relaxing things to do in Destin, FL to compliment the beach and the surf. It’s a new kind of Destin travel spa experience.¬†

NFL Players, Olympians, and celebrities are all now using float therapy for relaxation, stress relief, and recovery/healing. Mom’s are getting a healthy escape, and business men/women are getting a 60 min. battery recharge to handle everyday hurdles. Studies galore have been performed to prove the benefits of “Floating” (an accelerated form of REST therapy). The military has substantial evidence pointing to float therapy helping Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which is a debilitating and difficult syndrome to treat in soldiers that have endured tragic experiences. The brothers, Trey and Chris Hearn, have been forerunners in pushing the message behind the benefits of floating in regards to PTSD.¬†

Owner, Trey Hearn,¬†an Air Force reserve officer and Department of Defense civil servant explains his passion: “As a former active duty Air Force member and current Air Force Reservist, words can’t explain the drive and passion I have for bringing this business and the PTSD relief it is providing to our local military members. ¬†It was one of the main reasons I started this business, and I am going to be giving back to them and allowing any military member or veteran medically diagnosed with PTSD the ability to float free of charge in our spa. One of our float rooms is being dedicated as the “Patriot Room” and will represent those that have served. Each of our future spas will also have a “Patriot Room” and the PTSD program. ¬†Here is a link to a news video you may find interesting about floating and PTSD”¬†CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

Floating benefits of



Float Therapy has physical, mental, and wellness benefits. Mentally, your brain waves shift more positively and strongly, better mental clarity & focus, increases creativity and problem solving ability, intensifies acuteness of all senses, accelerates learning, diminishes depression, anxiety & fear, and can even diminish addictions.

Enhance your overall well-being. Floating promotes total calm and relaxation, eliminates fatigue and jet lag, improves sleep, alleviates stress, energizes, rejuvenates, and revitalizes.

You’ve heard many of the benefits… but how actually do you float? How do you get all these benefits? What’s the process?

Chris & Trey put it like this… “Imagine yourself being in a space of perfect tranquility, floating like a cork in epsom salt water with a temperature that mimics that of your skin, where you don‚Äôt experience the pull of gravity, sight, or sound ‚Äď this is essentially what a flotation tank experience will provide, along with a variety of medically substantiated health and relaxation benefits.”¬†

There are body sized pods filled with water, heated to mimic your exact body temperature, and epsom salt. Around 1,000 lbs of Epsom Salt is used in each tank to keep you floating, but along with the relaxation & meditation benefits, there’s so much more to Epsom Salts than you may realize. 

Epsom Salt is made up of 2 minerals: Magnesium and Sulfate, not salt at all. Magnesium is responsible for regulating over 325 functions of the body assisting in important nerve functions. Magnesium also reduces inflammation all over the body which benefits your arteries, joints, muscle and fascia tissue. Both Magnesium and Sulfate help regulate cell electrolyte and fluid balance. Sulfates have been shown to help resolve headaches and flush the body of toxins. Within the resent years, magnesium has become a top nutritional deficiency in many people and one of the most efficient ways of absorbing it is through the skin making float therapy an excellent way to get these important nutrients into your body… and quickly. Therefore, for this benefit alone, I am super looking forward to the Destin opening of Float Brothers Float Spa.¬†And lastly, as if we haven’t shown enough benefits, Epsom salts are wonderful for your skin and make it very soft and healthy.¬†

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