A beautiful photo from Destin, FL

Destin From a Unique Point of View

Take a GoPro camera and strap it onto a drone Рthe possibilities are endless. 

The amazing images give you a new perspective of beautiful places like Destin, FL.

10010615_1496278257250394_5913526122434669397_oThis overhead beach shot was taken by Jesse Foy of Foytography using a GoPro camera attached to a DJI Phantom, a remote controlled aerial robot. Foy has combined his passion for film & photography and his love of people into a local business.

When he‚Äôs not editing film projects, Foy is working as a photographer. ¬†“I’ve learned that filmmaking and photography go hand-in-hand. When I’m not spending hours at my desk editing a short film or writing a script, I like to go to the beach or find an adventure to go on. I started bringing my camera everywhere I go to capture memories along the way, ‚Äú said Foy.

1271403_272341579582772_1916209781_oThe budding young photographer received quite a bit of local attention in January when his sunset photo was featured on the cover of¬†the local newspaper, the¬†Northwest Florida Daily News. ¬†Foy says “all the credit goes to God, it was His sunset, I just captured what He created.‚ÄĚ

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Kendra Veach

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