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Destin Paddle Boarder has Fish Tale for the Ages

Mark Rountree says it was a day where “everything just had to go right” and, indeed, it did. ¬†What started out as a day of pompano fishing aboard his paddle board, ended with an almost 75-pound cobia taking Rountree for quite a ride.

When the adventure started, Rountree was in the water behind the Sea Oats Motel near the old Crystal beach pier. He was about 50-feet off the beach when he spotted a five foot barracuda followed by a “big shadow.”

Thankfully, he was prepared. ¬†Rountree always keeps a cobia rod rigged with a jig on his paddle board. ¬†He pulled up anchor, paddled about 50 yards to catch up with the shadow, made his cast, and, then, it was “off to the races.”¬†

He says the board started skipping, “I didn’t realize how big it was.” ¬†After the cobia pulled the paddle board for several yards, Rountree was finally able to drop anchor, and put a gaffe into the fish.

By this time, a huge crowd had gathered onshore, watching with amusement the paddle boarding in Destin Floridaadventure of cobia vs. paddle boarder. With the cobia gaffed on one side and paddling on the other, Rountree made his way back to the beach, receiving a round of applause from the amazed onlookers.

One of my first thoughts after seeing the photographs of Rountree with the cobia was “You sure would have to be physically fit to accomplish what you did!” For Rountree, that’s exactly his situation. ¬†He says, thankfully, “It’s what I do.” ¬†Rountree runs Resolute Fitness Destin, running “14 bootcamps a week and one-on-one personal training.” ¬†As you can tell from the photographs, no match for that cobia on Sunday morning!

IMG_4886Since paddle boarding is so popular along the gulf coast right now, you can join the fun by renting a paddle board on your next visit. View gear rentals at iLoveDestin.com. We can’t promise you will come home with a huge cobia, but it’s guaranteed to be a fun adventure!


Kendra Veach


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