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Destination Little Donuts

Destin has upped the donut game with a brand new donut shop offering up tasty treats with fun names such as Glazed & Confused, Espresso Yourself, and The Dark Side.1ea1d76e-89c6-44a1-93cd-b9c41171270c¬†It’s a creative concept where you select the toppings and the donuts are made to order just for you.

At Destination Little Donuts, you can select from 50 different topping ideas to create your own special donut. For example, the Magically Delicious donut features Lucky Charms cereal atop a white frosting. ET Phone Home donut features Reese’s Pieces atop chocolate frosting. Taste the Rainbow features skittles. Who could resist Caramel Apple Pie or the Blueberry Pancake donut?

We opted for a full dozen of specialty donuts, called the Dream Vacation, for $16.90. A single specialty donut is $2.25. Destination Little Donuts is located in the vicinity of Fresh Market and Home Depot at 4463 Commons Dr., West. Current hours are 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


It would a fun excursion during your time in Destin, Florida. We love special activities that center around yummy treats. For additional ideas, you can view our suggestions for activities in Destin at iLoveDestin.com. Enjoy!

Kendra Veach

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