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Do Game Day Southern Airways Style

Arrive Safe & In Style in under 2 hours… Game Day Takes on a New Adventure!

It’s worth just the ride on the plane alone, much less getting into the excitement, thrills and anticipation of SEC Football! That’s where Southern Airways is taking 9 lucky passengers per weekend. They pick a top SEC game as their destination for a no hassle ride. It’s a very comfortable pre-game no stress, no lines, no mess transportation and tailgating.

Destin Florida, our 8 mile peninsula with just under 13,000 residence,¬†has it’s own semi-private airport directly in the heart of it. Private aircraft can land and park their plane while they vacation in our much sought after “Lucky Fishing Village” and beautiful white sand with scenic emerald waters!

Now there is Southern Airways Express, a Charter plane experience open to the general public with most fares under what you could fly commercially. 

Below is a commentary on Southern Airways Express and some happy New Orleans people who have flown the awesome public charter plane and describe the experience.

The SAE website explains, “Southern Airways Express is a Memphis-based air transportation company, serving eight cities in the Southern United States, with hubs in Memphis and Destin. Unlike the major carriers, Southern flies on the premise that passengers should enjoy their trip, not just their destination. We require no baggage fees, no airport parking fees, and no hassle with TSA Security. The fare you see is the price you pay. Period.”¬†

You should check Southern’s flights 1st before checking the major airlines. It really is super nice to avoid the lines, baggage checks, and the security detectors that take hours in the commercial airports.¬†

We were so excited to experience a charter plane.They use Cesna Caravan’s which are one of the most reliable planes ever made.¬†We took advantage of the Weekend Trip for the SEC Football and had a blast! It will ruin you due to how nice the whole experience is. As we arrived we got a front door FREE parking space, and only walked ten feet to the door. Once inside, the lobby was inviting and comfortable with a complimentary coffee and snack station. We checked in by simply walking to the counter and saying “we’re here” showing ID, leaving ample time to meet and greet the other passengers we would be travelling with.¬†

Southern Airways SEC FlightThe ride was smooth and landing was perfect. We flew right over the University of Georgia Stadium getting a birds eye view of what was about to go down as GA and AU football team gets ready to go head to head. This was game day excitement at its highest! After the game it was a short bus ride back to the airport to board our flying chariot. We were literally escorted right back to our car within 2 hours of leaving… a trip that would have taken 7 hours each way by car. And much less hassle as the Southern Airways Pilot did all the work. We were just along for the ride. What an amazing thing we get to do here in Destin, FL. We are iLoveDestin, showing you Things to do in Destin, FL and this one is top notch and a Destin “must do”!¬†


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