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Gulf Coast Sportsman Fishing Seminar Series

Every first Tuesday, Half Hitch Tackle presents the Gulf Coast Sportsman Fishing Seminar Series. From 6-8 p.m., captains, anglers, and fishery educators, join to discuss seasonal topics.

On June 6, the featured fishes of the day are snapper, grouper, and amberjack. On July 11, you’ll learn about wahoo and dolphin. Once August arrives, it’s all about pier pressure (fishing form the pier, that is). September brings a lesson in Flounder, and October and November round out the year with Blackfin Tuna and Winter Bay Fishing.

In the words of Half Hitch, “Eat, drink, and learn from local experts.”

Seminars take place at the Legendary Marine Showroom, at 4601 Legendary Marina Drive (Foot of the Mid Bay Bridge, Next to Destin Middle School.)

Visit http://www.legendarymarine.com or contact Gayle Vann for more information.

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This event finished on 07 November 2017