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Fish in Season the Month of July

Fishing BSWWhat is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of Destin? Fishing! Destin is known as the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village, and provides you with tons of opportunities to hop on a boat and see what you can catch! Before heading to the docks, here are what fish are in season during the month of July.

The Gulf has tons of different fish, but not all of them are available to catch and keep in July. Grouper, King Mackerel and Tuna are all in season this month and can be caught and kept for dinner. If you are interested in fishing in the Bay, Red Fish and Speckled Trout are the best fish to catch. One of Destin’s favorite fish, Red Snapper, was in season in June and the beginning of July, but their season has ended. Although, the other members of the Snapper family including black, mingo and white snapper, are all still available.

One fish our locals and visitors are always interested in catching is shark. Most people know that sharks tend to come closer to shore when it gets dark out to feed. Destin has never has an issue with sharks in our waters, but at night it can be fun to catch them. During July, certain types of sharks are open to catch and keep.

Sometimes it can be fun to take your family fishing in Destin just for the experience, and maybe a few pictures. Marlin, Sailfish, Tarpon and Amberjack are great options for catch and release because they are not in season during the month of July.

Fishing is always a fun thing to do in Destin. We encourage you to book a fishing charter and see which of these fish you can catch the most of.

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