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Best Destin Beach Activities for Kids

Are you traveling to the beach with kids? If yes, it is always best to plan ahead and have some ideas on how to occupy their time while you relax in the sun. There are tons of beach activities out there for kids of all ages. You are sure to find one that every child your traveling group enjoys. Also, if you are a return traveler to the Destin area, it is a great idea to keep these activities stowed away for next year’s trip! That way these activities are looked forward to each time you visit the beach. We have listed some of the best Destin beach activities for kids below.

Best Destin Beach Activities for Kids

Two Girls Playing at the Ocean

  • Throw the football – Get the right sized football for your age group and they can throw back and forth for hours.
  • Frisbee – Throwing the frisbee while knee deep in the water is a great way to stay cool and active.
  • Paddle Ball – How many times can you hit it without it touching the sand?
  • Build Sandcastles – This is especially great for the little ones and to make it even more fun, have a competition of who can build the most elaborate castle.
  • Inflatables – For those who can’t yet swim, bring an inflatable boat and fill it with saltwater so they can splash around.
  • Fly a Kite – Visit our friends at Kitty Hawk Kites for a fun and interactive beach activity.

We can promise that these are the best Destin beach activities for kids. If you are hoping to take a late summer/early fall vacation, time is ticking on reserving your stay! People are so excited to come to the beach this year, and lucky for us summer weather is extended into the fall along the Gulf Coast. Click here to view a variety of vacation homes and condos in Destin, FL.

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