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“Get on up and Dance”, 20+ Years Entertaining Destin, FL

Jones and Company, A Local Favorite, Knows How to Ignite the Dance Floor all Across Destin Florida

When it comes to the “Who’s Who” of entertainment on the Emerald Coast… look right here in Destin, Florida for the ever-so-popular, JONES AND COMPANY! This¬†funky and groovy band has been rockin’ it up for over 20 years in this area and is a must see for visitors and returning¬†guests who vacation in Destin, FL.

If you are longing for a fun magical time, experience the heart and soul of Jones and Company! The musical group weaves its musical tapestry through all styles of music; Jazz, Soul, World Music which culminates into innovative original music and exhilarating musical presentation. This group of performers pride themselves on the ability to transcend traditional boundaries of music. With their treatment of myriad of styles, they perform with their soul, reaching the core of music within us all.

Jones and Company voted "Best Band along the Emerald Coast"

Jones and Company voted “Best Band along the Emerald Coast”

Jones and Company continues to be loved and cherished by all who hears this group. Whether playing an original song from any of their four CD’s, or arrangements of “Old-School” favorites, this band delivers a sound that makes it hard to keep your seat. The connection the band has with the audience is evident, Jones and Company just goes in to enjoy the crowd and makes sure the crowd is having a good time.

"Doctor Diva" Cheryl Jones

“Doctor Diva” Cheryl Jones

Jones and Company is a special group of performers best known and appreciated for their original approach to World Music. Cheryl Jones, The resident “Doctor Diva”, is the voice of Jones and Company. This multi-talented artist elevates the experience of music toward Spiritual heights with her vocal prowess, innovative keyboarding, and artsy presence that entertains all within her view. Other band members are: Denny Jones on bass, Brent Purcell on drums, Paul Scurto on trumpet, Ellis Jones on trombone, Al Alvarado on sax¬†& occasionally individual artist, but original band member, Ike Barkley on sax.

Please visit and follow¬†the band on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jonesandcompany to find out where they will be guest appearing. They are regularly seen every Sunday at AJ’s Oyster and Seafood 4pm to 8pm, and every Friday night at Destin’s new happening place, Bric a’ Brac Bar & Restaurant 7pm to 10pm.

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