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Get up to 20% Vacation Homes in Destin in October 2016!

SPIAGGIA-Balc2If you are planning a trip to the Gulf Coast this fall, don’t settle for an average hotel room. book now get up to 20% off a fantastic vacation home in Destin through October 2016! A home offers more privacy than a hotel, saves you money, and feels more comfortable, especially if you’re vacationing as a family.

A vacation home is more comfortable than the average sterile hotel room, with many homes offering private pools, beach access, and hot tubs. Large living areas are great for families who don’t want to feel cramped. Private homes also feature full kitchens, so you can stock up on drinks, snacks, and groceries. Cooking meals while on vacation not only makes the rental feel like “home” but it also saves a serious amount of money when you don’t have to pay for restaurant meals each day.

Privacy is another perk of staying in a vacation home as you can enjoy your own balcony, private patios, and even fenced-in backyards. Children can play in the yard or on the beach behind the home, and some vacation rentals allow dogs so you can bring your favorite four-legged friend! Overall, vacation homes are more family-friendly than hotels and give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet!

If you are planning a trip and are considering a vacation home in Destin, book your favorite place now and receive up to 20% off for the month of October 2016! Call us now to discuss your options!


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