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Golf Continues to Boom in the Pandemic

(CNN) The pandemic has popularized a lot of unexpected activities. Remember when everyone was doing puzzles and baking bread? Thanks to social distancing, the sport of golf has seen a resurgence, too.

At the beginning of 2020, golf courses were seeing business as usual. There was no big nationwide increase in the number of rounds of golf played, according to data from Golf DataTech. There was no indication that this would be the biggest year yet for the recreational sport.
But when everything came to a standstill because of the pandemic, things changed.
When states started reopening in late April and May, sprawling, socially distanced¬†golf courses¬†were one of the first “safe” spaces that were able to get back to business. Interest in the sport quickly followed.
In May, the number of reported rounds of golf in the US — defined by Golf Datatech as a single authorized “start” at a self-reporting club or facility — rebounded from a 42.2% decline during lockdowns to a 6.2% increase over last year.
Then, rounds began to surge. Since June there have been over 50 million incremental rounds of golf played, according to¬†the National Golf Foundation.¬†October’s year-over-year numbers are the greatest yet adding just over 11 million additional rounds for the month than in 2019.
In fact, the NGF reports there’s only been one other year that saw a bigger rise in interest in the sport: 1997, the year Tiger Woods became a massive sensation. ###
Retail sales of golf clothing and gear are also up as well as golf event viewership. Ready to schedule your next round of golf in Destin, FL? Link over to our golf partners here. (CNN: Lauren M. Johnson, Photography: Emerald Bay Golf Club)

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