A beautiful photo from Destin, FL

Green Sea Turtles Hatch in Destin – First Time in Over 25 Years

There’s much excitement in the sea turtle world along the Emerald Coast this week. The Emerald Coast Turtle Watch reports the first green sea turtle nest hatched in over 25 years in Destin. “To our delight tonight amid the ants, sea oats and roots, we found four baby green sea turtles alive and well”, according to a Turtle Watch Facebook post.

Hatchings are expected to continue through October along the beaches in Destin, FL. We are fortunate to have volunteer organizations such as the South Walton Turtle Watch and the Emerald Coast Turtle Watch to monitor known nesting sites and report updates. Both groups post updates & photos on their Facebook pages.

The watch groups want to emphasize the proper procedures for any visitors who might happen upon nests or hatchlings:

–  Always use a red light emitting flashlight on the beach

–  Keep lights that can be seen from beach turned off

–  Fill in your holes and smooth out your sandcastles for the night

–  Take your “stuff” off the beach when you leave

–  Put your trash in the trash bins provided

–  Report any seen sea turtle activity to the Walton or Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Dept.

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