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Harbor Docks Breaks Thanksgiving Record!

20th anniversary for Harbor Docks‘ gift to the community and Habitat for Humanity

Harbor Docks total for Thanksgiving

That is the total of how many people Harbor Docks served on Thanksgiving Day. They had set a goal of 2000 and then exceeded it! 

For 20 years Harbor Docks has been cooking a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner as a token of thanks to the Destin community and to also raise money for the local Habitat for Humanity. The dinner is set up to serve those that may not have the ability to enjoy a home cooked Thanksgiving dinner any other way, and those that are fortunate to give can give any donation they like towards the Habitat for Humanity. So many Destin residents come and enjoy the fellowship and great food without having to cook or clean at their own home. And a few of the patrons that took part in lapping up the delicious dinner say the best part of it was being able to GIVE to such a worthy cause in such a special and satisfying manner. Many make it a point to go every year and donate what they can.

Harbor Docks FamilyMany donate their time. The Harbor Docks Family says they could never do it without all the generous and wonderful volunteers that devote their time to serve food, wash dishes, bus tables, get drinks, roll silver ware, you name it, they do whatever is needed. It is truly a time where the patrons of Destin, FL gather together and give, give, give.

Charles Morgan, owner of Harbor Docks, told The Destin Log, “We have been very successful selling food here for a long time, so to give it away one day a year; we can handle that,” He also continues to say, “I think it’s a very special day because it brings people of all walks of life together and that doesn’t happen that often in this world.”

Thank you Harbor Docks for such a giving, thoughtful and heart-felt purpose for Thanksgiving Day! So next year if you are looking for things to do in Destin for Thanksgiving, then remember the gift that also gives, The Harbor Docks Annual Charity Thanksgiving Feast!

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