A beautiful photo from Destin, FL

How Destin Came to Be!

Where to Learn the History of Destin, FL

Are you a frequent visitor of the Destin, FL area? Whether you visit every year or are planning your first trip to the city, we encourage you to learn more about how it came to be so popular. Destin has always had gorgeous waters and beautiful beaches; however, it hasn’t always had the skyline of vacation condos and myriad of seafood restaurants. It has consistently been growing into one of the most visited places in Florida. To learn more about the history of Destin, start at The Destin History Fishing Museum.Where to Learn the History of Destin, FL

The Destin History Fishing Museum is interactive and educational. It is a great experience for all ages. Your kids will love seeing the display of fish that have been caught in the Gulf while you learn about the people who discovered Destin and helped kickstart it into a town known as the Luckiest Fishing Village.

You could also head across the street and visit the Destin Community Center. The community center has been hosting events in Destin for years. Locals use the Destin Community Center as a place for recreation including basketball, volleyball, and more. You can learn about the city’s council members, see pictures of old Destin, and talk with local members of Destin’s community.

These options are great activities for a rainy day during your stay, or if you are curious about the history of Destin, FL. We hope this blog sparks an interest and you learn more about our beautiful town while visiting.

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