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How to Beat the Beach Traffic…

Do you travel I-65 through Alabama to reach your beach destination on Saturday? If so, make plans now for a long car ride or make alternative plans. Traffic will be bumper-to-bumper this Saturday as folks try to reach their vacation destination for the July 4th weekend. Things to do in Destin for Memorial Day

On a recent Saturday, I-65 was heavily congested for over 100 miles from south of Birmingham to Greenville. It’s a common problem from spring break through the Labor Day due to most vacation rentals being Saturday-to-Saturday check-in and check-outs. A usual 5-hour trip can take about 8-hours to complete.

Some ideas:

  • Can you travel on Friday and stay at a hotel close to the beach? This may not be feasible for everyone, but travelers say they will stay one to two hours out from the beach, then travel in as early as possible on Saturday morning. You can then go buy your beach rafts, enjoy lunch at a favorite restaurant, and pick up your beach groceries. Another suggestion is to pre-pack a picnic and be beach ready, and, then, head to Henderson State Park until your vacation rental is available. A vacationer reports, on a recent visit, Southern Vacation Rentals texted that their unit was clean & available for move-in at 2:00 p.m., instead of the usual 4:00 p.m. Bonus! That’s the way to get a vacation in Destin, FL off to a great start.
  • Are you traveling over the Mid-Bay Bridge? The bridge will be backed up with travelers paying their tolls throughout the high season. A sunpass will help – once you get near the front of the line. The far left lane is for sunpass holders only so no stopping. Purchase your sunpass here.

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