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iLoveDestin.com’s 5 Top Travel Tips

Anthony Bourdain, The host of the new CNN series “Parts Unknown” gives inspiration to iLoveDestin.com’s 5 Top Travel Tips.

iStock_000001889157SmallWhen traveling there are obvious things to do in Destin, Florida but we want you to take a moment and think about what is going to make your trip more memorable or more meaningful. Sometimes just getting away can re-charge you and reset your mood, your outlook on life and your personality. Here’s some ideas on what you can do.

  1. A great book can get you in the mood. What better place to 6302.1 read than on the beach? Set up a pallet on Destin’s white sugary soft sand or curl up under an umbrella in a reclining beach chair and dig into an inspirational novel. Especially a novel that has to do with the beach, sea or travel adventure. There’s no better way to get lost in the moment than reading a good book.
  2. Visit the local market place for beach shopping. You can get a real idea of beach life and the place your visiting when you go to the market. Try some shops off the beaten path, or take a walk up scenic 98 and see what you might find. There’s big shopping and small local shops for whatever adventure you’re in the mood for.
  3. Talk to the locals… get the inside scoop on where to dine. There’s always someone eager to tell you or even obsessed with documenting everything good or worthwhile for experiencing the perfect meal. Local’s are sure to have an opinion and Anthony suggests to seek out a local food blogger for finding the hidden gems.
  4. Be willing to make mistakes. You know the old saying, “You never know until you try it”. Well, so too often a rigid itinerary is frequently disastrous; you’re never going to find the perfect meal or activity, if you’re not willing to take a chance on maybe having a bad one. In most cases you become pleasantly surprised. Go explore and don’t be shy.
  5. Use your time reasonably. There are several things to do in Destin, FL. Get to know the area and see if there is anything unique, like Big Kahuna’s water park, renting paddleboards on the Harbor or in the Gulf,
    70-285getting on a Dolphin Cruise or a Sunset Cruise, snorkeling or diving in the Emerald Waters… with so many things to do, some early planning, like checking on www.iLoveDestin.com to help answer your questions is what will make your vacation worthwhile.


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