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It’s Spring, You’re at the Beach, Now What?

These Destin activities are perfect to remix the standard beach day.

In Destin, spring has typically sprung long before the first day of the season. While other regions brave the final few weeks of some of the coldest months of the year, temperatures along the Emerald Coast have already hit the mid-70s. Today’s high is 74 degrees, and we’re right on track to warm, sunny days and long, summer nights.

With clear blue skies, and even clearer blue waters, we can’t help but catch spring fever and start making our way to the beach. Of course, there’s more to do at the beach than simply soak up Vitamin D or take a dip in the water.

Try some of these activities to give your beach day a little flair:

  1. Bocce Ball

Everyone knows about pick-up games of beach volleyball (some famously held behind Whale’s Tale on Scenic 98), but have you ever been in the throes of beach Bocce Ball? Bocce Ball—basically throwing a ball toward a target—is one of the oldest games known to humankind. The game dates back as far as 5200 B.C. and was once played with polished stones. Now, four players try to land two balls as close to the target ball as possible. Sounds easy, until you take into account the rolling—and often unforgiving—mounds of sugar white sand! Pick up a set at any beach shop; most Tom Thumb gas stations even carry them.

  1. Kayaking

Spring is the perfect time for kayaking. The waves are gentle, the water is clear, and if you like to fish, the cobia are running. If kids are paddling out too and you don’t want to risk them kayaking beyond the sand bar or being toppled by waves, head for Crab Island (especially on weekdays) where they can kayak in calm, shallow waters near the Destin Pass. If you need to rent a kayak for the day, cross the bridge to Fred Gannon State Park and enjoy miles of placid paddling in Rocky Bayou, where it’s not uncommon to see dolphins swimming alongside you!

Of course, there are endless ways to have fun in the sun while in Destin, but these two activities offer an easy remix to your time paradise!

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