A beautiful photo from Destin, FL

It’s Turtle Time!

South Walton Turtle Watch documented their first false crawl of the season. A green turtle attempted to come on shore, but, unfortunately, was followed and/or interrupted and returned to the water without nesting.

Here’s how you can help if you are on vacation in Destin, FL:

  • If you see a turtle coming to shore to nest, please stay back and give her the space she needs.
  • Remain quiet and still, and never take flash photos or shine cell phone lights or flashlights on her, as that could prevent her from nesting or finding her way back to the water.
  • You can help sea turtles by removing all belongings, signs, furniture, toys, garbage from the beach at night and fill in all holes so females and hatchlings have a clear and safe pathway. The holes and obstructions may trap them.

Since it’s hatching season all over Florida, specially-trained turtle nest spotters are combing the area beaches each morning, looking for signs of a new nest. By law, only certified members are allowed ¬†to interact with endangered sea turtles. Neon orange tape helps signify a nesting site.

All species of sea turtles are protected under the Endangered Species Act. Interfering with a nesting sea turtle, nests or hatchlings is against the law. If you see someone interfering with or harassing a sea turtle, dial *FWC or #FWC from a cell phone or contact local law enforcement. 

We are fortunate to have two volunteer organizations, the South Walton Turtle Watch and the Emerald Coast Turtle Watch, to monitor known nesting sites. Follow both on Facebook to receive updates on the turtle nesting season.

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