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It’s Turtle Time Along the Emerald Coast

It’s hatching season along our coastal regions. Specially-trained turtle nest spotters are combing the area beaches each morning, looking for signs of a new nest. By law, only certified members are allowed  to interact with endangered sea turtles. Neon orange tape is used to indicate a nesting site.

For example, this beach photo shows the success of one nest. The South Walton Turtle Watch posted the following caption:

Nest #20 has hatched and been excavated! The results 👇
🐢 #loggerhead
🦸‍♀️Found by Katie M.
🌊Washed over by storm tides
⭐️Hatched Day 61
85 hatched
20 whole eggs
105 Total eggs
80% Success Rate


To help the turtle babies come into this world, you can help make a difference.

Our local turtle watch groups, the South Walton Turtle Watch and the Emerald Coast Turtle Watch, are promoting #cleandarkflat. They are calling on all beach goers to remove everything from the beach at the end of the day.

Sea turtles can’t back up, so if they move forward and become entangled in chairs, tent frames, volleyball nets, or fishing nets, they will carry it to the water and eventually drown.


Also, please be sure to fill in your holes on the beach every day after building sandcastles. 

Follow both turtle watch groups on Facebook to receive updates on the turtle nesting season.

If you are interested in a visit to the area during turtle time or anytime, go to our lodging partner, Southern Vacation Rentals, for available accommodations. 

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