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Kitty Hawk Kites… it’s not just kites

Play with adventure with the help of Kitty Hawk Kites in Destin, Florida

As you stroll down the Destin Harbor through The HarborWalk Village you will get lured into the Kitty Hawk Kites double storefront by all the whimsical and eye-catching array of wind driven “thingies”. They have all sorts of pinwheels and wind-socks with a large variety of the cutest themes all staked out along the boardwalk. Some on-lookers just sit and watch these thingies for a while. Inside the store they have an array of nostalgic gifts for all ages of kids. It’s a toy store but with a focus on adventure… so most items have some type of imagination or functional play to them.

If you are looking for comfortable clothes or shoes, KHK is your place to be. Again, keeping with their outdoorsy adventurous theme, their brands are comfort and active based, like for hiking or any outdoor activity. It’s the coolest store around and there’s many items that you can’t find anywhere else. One shopper mentioned she was so excited to find a pirate outfit for her grandkids because no one else had anything like it and therefore she has begun to start shopping here 1st for most things. They run great specials and the staff is friendly and helpful and full of fun themselves!

image imageDirectly on the edge of the boardwalk across the path from the store is the Kitty Hawk Kites’ adventure kiosk. Here you can rent single and tandem kayaks and paddle boards launching from right there and paddle around The Harbor. They rent to groups or just any individual that would like to test out their skills on a Stand-up Paddle Board, or get a little workout or eco touring in a kayak. Both take you on an adventure and keep you actively having the utmost in water fun. Many paddlers end up seeing a dolphin or two while out. Ok, so a cool and unique twist is the new NIGHT PADDLING! After dark you can rent one of Kitty Hawk Kites’ lighted paddle boards. The lights light the water for easy navigation so you can paddle and even see a few fish as you go. Night paddling is an experience you just have to feel for yourself! It’s exhilarating and a great activity to be proud to say, “I did that!” To make a reservation call 850-837-2800.  

Well, we can’t mention the store and all it’s glory without mentioning – The Kites – They have a plethora of kites and you can fly them… or they can fly YOU. They are the number 1 seller of trick kites and kite surfing products. Everything you need to learn for the novice or the highest grade gear for the advanced. Kitty Hawk Kites is the world’s largest kite store, and has been open since 1974, with one goal in mind; to teach the world to fly. Kite flying is one of the world’s oldest and favorite hobbies, and it is our mission to offer you the opportunity to participate in such a fun and wonderful activity with the best quality products from our top vendors. For more information, click here and visit their website. Be on the lookout for their various Kite Festivals which happen once to twice a year and usually on our white sandy beautiful Norriego Point beach in the Destin Harbor. Look for “Things to do in Destin, Florida” for updates as we get them.

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