A beautiful photo from Destin, FL

Many are taking a shot at winning

TheXperience is the Place for catching a wave and catching 5 extra chances for winning the iLoveDestin.com Hand-painted Paddle-board!

Until Labor Day this is the Thing to Do in Destin, FL… Get your picture taken and send it into [email protected] and in return receive a “Bonus Entry Code” that you can input into the contest if you are already a contestant by re-entering the initial tab you entered in. The app keeps up with your entries and progress.

Notice how much fun these hopefuls are having. The Paddle-board is also now on display at TheXperience and this Thursday we will be taking the board to the outside music deck at Harbor Docks and the 1st 10 people who show up to Harbor Docks will receive a sushi roll! We will also have iLoveDestin items for give-away!

Here is the fun Gallery of Photos… Are you in there?



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