A beautiful photo from Destin, FL

New Cafe’ Opens With Heart in Destin, FL

“The Breakfast Caf√©’ isn’t a place you just stumble upon, but you’ll be glad you found us”

imageThat quote above is at the bottom of the menu at the 2 week old Breakfast Table Caf√©’. This place is as cute and quaint as can be. Located in the Heart of Destin, FL across from the Harbor just before you get to the Destin Bridge, if you blink you may miss it! You won’t¬†really know what to expect, but when you walk in,¬†you see a¬†Southern Harbor style caf√©’¬†decorated with comforting¬†kindness. This is going to be a Destin Restaurant that will be around for a while to come.

The Breakfast Table Caf√©’¬†is a cooperative effort between Bridget Carnley, Owner and Brian, Manager & Chef, plus input from family and friends. They have had a dream to open a breakfast and lunch establishment for more than 7 years and have been searching in Destin for just the right place. When space became available at The Mae Center, a commercial building Bridget owns, it “just seemed right” to bring friends, dreams and stories together and open The Breakfast Table Caf√©’. Bridget and her staff are big on family friendly customer service and serving fresh quality food.

imageBridget says they make everything fresh daily, The Quiche, pies, daily specials, and made to order specialty dishes. There is traditional breakfast or items like; Shrimp and grits: fresh caught local shrimp served with asiago cheese grits or Breakfast Table’s Breakfast Sundae: creamy grits or hash browns topped with scrambled eggs lite or over easy, cheese & bacon in a bowl with toast or biscuit. What’s healthy is that all ingredients are fresh daily.

If breakfast is not what you are in the mood for, then you have plenty of choices for lunch too. This is a Breakfast and¬†Lunch Caf√©’ which all sandwiches are made with gluten free Bears Head meats and cheese and served with side of choice. There is a sandwich called,¬†the “Racquet Club”… because Bridget owned a very popular fitness club on Airport Rd. called, you guess, The Racquet Club. Isn’t that cleaver! Many people know Bridget from her long time success as the gym owner of a popular daily hangout with lots of fitness, tennis and room to¬†visit with like-minded friends.

imageTrying to express their fondness of the Destin Harbor, they hope you will find the “Harbor Rustic Theme” interesting and fun. They think of The Breakfast Table Caf√©’ as a Local’s “go to place”, but they love visitors, so please join them when you are visiting Destin, FL. And if you have been blessed or need a prayer, The Breakfast Table Caf√©’ is a place you can share… This is written on a plaque above the cash register and is a theme throughout the whole place which gives you a feeling of comfort that there is heart and caring all around you. Their website is coming soon… www.TheBreakfastTableDestin.com, but you can reach them at 850.460.7322 and at 385 Hwy 98, Destin, FL 32541¬†

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