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Our New Reefs Along the Emerald Coast

Great news for water sports enthusiasts – new snorkel reefs are being put in place along our region of the Emerald Coast over the next few weeks.

Currently, Okaloosa County is deploying the reefs off Beasley Park, The Crab Trap in Destin, Henderson Park East, Beasley Park, and Okaloosa Island’s Beach Access #4.

In total, 50 reefs will be placed 500 feet offshore to give new destinations for snorkelers, free divers, and scuba divers. The reefs will sport designs such as starfish, dolphins, and sea turtles, giving those traveling overhead a fun sight from above.

Funding for the project, $1.69 million, is from the Natural Resource Damage Assessment Fund. The money was given to Okaloosa County following the BP oil spill settlement.

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