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Your Guide to Being Outside

Outdoor Activities in Destin

With Florida under a Stay at Home order and the beaches closed, it can be hard to know what to do with yourself. Trust us, we’re right there with you! But, just because we are spending more time indoors doesn’t mean we can’t spend time outside. In fact, right now, spending time outside is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Even just going for a 30-minute walk a few times a week can help lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, and just make you feel better in general! With Spring in full swing, there has never been a better time to make the most of the great outdoors. So, here are some of our favorite outdoor activities in Destin that you can still do while practicing social distancing. If we missed something on our list, let us know on our Facebook page!

Going for a Walk

Like we stated above, going for a walk for 30 minutes a few times a week is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Grab your earbuds and download a good audiobook, a podcast, or simply your favorite playlist and put one foot in front of the other. Bonus points if you have a furry friend you can take with you for company!


Enjoy nature at a slower pace and find your new favorite spot for birdwatching. Mattie Kelly Park and Nature Walk in Destin is a 10.13-acre bayou access park with a pier, beach, and picnic area. Since a majority of the land is considered wetlands, you’re sure to see some birds in their natural habitat! And, when Henderson Beach State Park opens back up, you’ll absolutely want to head here for birdwatching. In fact, ti’s recognized as a top spot by the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail.

Outdoor Activities in Destin


If you are staying in a Destin, Florida vacation rental with bikes (or even if you own a bike or two!), you are at an advantage to spending time outside. From the bike paths in Crystal Beach to simply cruising around your own neighborhood or through suburban Downtown Destin, there is something so freeing about riding a bike. It’s a great way to free your mind from stress and discover a new favorite activity!

Cooking Outdoors

Now¬†this is one of our favorite outdoor activities in Destin. Fire up that charcoal (or gas, whichever your preference) and show off your grill-master skills! Not only will you make your neighbors jealous with some wonderful scents, but you’ll also get the chance to whip up a delicious meal with a beautiful Gulf Coast sunset.

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