A beautiful photo from Destin, FL

Peaceful, Simple Destin, Florida

For Destin’s Memorial Day or anytime, take the time to step back and enjoy the beauty that has made Destin, FL such a popular place to be

All the articles, blogs and advertisements are pushing all this season’s hoopla and festivities which is very exciting… but what about all this natural beauty that Destin, FL has to offer? iLoveDestin.com wants to highlight and help you realize what simple, calm, go-at-your-own-pace things that are still available as you visit or live in this breathtakingly beautiful fishing village.

imageDon’t think that you can’t get away from the crowds and noise… Destin¬†hasn’t changed so much that you can’t enjoy the simple¬†beach life.¬†Really, In Destin, you can either enjoy totally “vegging-out” for a beach weekend, or enjoy a big active social one. You pick, but don’t allow the “simple way of life” to get over crowded and lost. Because Destin is still very serine and has totally gorgeous nature all around.

So, if you want to get out of the crowd and just enjoy some time with family and friends here are some ideas that will do just that.

Are you craving Fresh Destin Seafood but you fear the line at the restaurants? Well, try going to one of Destin’s local Seafood Markets,¬†like Destin Ice or Sexton’s Seafood on Hwy 98,¬†and purchasing whatever it is you want, from more than 12 varieties of Fresh Daily Caught Fish from Grouper to Pompano or more than 13 choices of Local Fresh Seafood from Crab to homemade Gumbo & Bisques.

imageCheck into one of Destin’s Best Rental’s purposely designed with a fully equipped¬†kitchen and grilling opportunities. This way you can have a nice dinner at the time you want it… Just imagine,¬†opening a bottle of wine in your beautiful Destin Condo and sipping as you set out a¬†seafood market prepared dinner with everyone¬†joining in intimate and meaningful conversation.¬†And¬†if you have kids, they’re playing, maybe throwing the ball on the beach or games in the courtyard, instead of having to sit still and behave because it’s standing room only.¬†

After dinner take a stroll on the miles and miles of Destin beach all together or in solitude or as a couple, either way take in the fresh salt breeze, get sand in your toes, and let the waves roll over your feet, no time limit, just be. Or while on the beach at dusk go “crabbing” either in the water or take a flashlight and spot all the friendly little white sand crabs. For Memorial Day Weekend or other holiday weekends like The 4th of July, don’t worry about having to go anywhere to see the fireworks, 9 times out of 10 you can just take the rest of that bottle of wine with¬†your lounge chair out to the beach, sit, relax and voila’, you can see the fireworks anyway… less hassle and very relaxing and special.

imageThere are many other easy and relaxing activities you can do in Destin, FL for example; bike riding on old 98 or through (less busy) scenic and natural Henderson Beach Park. Or take that bike down one of the Bay side lined streets and see marinas and other natural surroundings. Fish from the beach. Rent or buy a Paddle Board for the week and take it out whenever you like, enjoy the surf. You can even lay out and sun on the paddle board. But, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the beach all the way through sunset! No big agenda… if you have a couple of things at your fingertips, then the time is yours and the pace is “whatever”! That is the best! It’s possible to get to Destin, FL and never have to leave your awesome house or condo. We just want you to realize, Destin is still here in it’s beachy laidback way, definitely, or in it’s full throttle, activities galore, sort of way! Good Choices!

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