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Planning 2022 Travel to Destin

Reserve Your Destin Vacation Condo, Excursions, & More!

We saw a spike in visitors who came to the beach in 2021. People were anxious to get out of their homes and savor the salty, fresh air. The beaches were buzzing with guests throughout the entire year. We hope this trend continues into 2022, especially as people continue to work from home and children have the option of remote learning. Because of this, we are encouraging new and frequent visitors to book their 2022 stay soon. To give you some tips and tricks on booking your stay before it is too late continue reading. If you are ready to reserve your Destin vacation condo, water activities, and dinner reservations, click here to begin planning.

Reserve Your Destin Vacation Condo, Excursions, & More!

Large Groups Book Now!

If you are traveling with a large group or searching for a luxury stay, the largest and most lavish vacation homes tend to book first. So, gather up your friends and family and start nailing down dates! Not to mention, restaurants always appreciate when larger groups give them a heads up that they plan on visiting. This way, they can prepare a table for you in advance and not be surprised.

Things To Do

You may not necessarily have to book all your excursions before you arrive. However, make sure to have an idea of what you are doing each day. If there are limitations of people allowed at each activity in Destin, claim your spot early. Having a flexible itinerary means you still get to experience all the fun the area has to offer without the stress of a strict schedule.

Reserve with Confidence

When you book your stay with our partners, Southern Vacation Rentals, you can have peace of mind that your vacation accommodations with run smoothly. From beginning to end, the Southern team will help you through every step along the way. They can assist in finding you the perfect Destin vacation condo, take care of any problems that may arise during your stay, and always for feedback after you return home. They even have a Relaxed Cancellation Policy in case something happens, and you can’t make it to the beach. Visit their website to learn more!

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