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Red Snapper Season is Here!

Destin Premium Charters is Ready for Red Snapper Season!

Fishing enthusiasts, gear up! Red Snapper season is here – are you ready? The season runs all the way through July 21st, so there’s plenty of time to secure your catch. However, the best way to catch some Red Snapper is with Destin Premium Charters.

Red Snapper Season

Since knowledgeable captains Matt and Mike Jozwiak host the premier fishing charter in the Destin area, they’re ready to take to the seas on The Triton! Luckily, they run one of the few federally permitted boats in Destin so they can get a head start on the season. State-permitted boats and recreational fisherman must wait until June 11 to join in on Red Snapper season.

When you book a fishing charter with Destin Premium Charters, you have a couple of different excursions to choose from. For the “best all-around” trip, opt for the 4-6 charter, perfect for young anglers, families, or groups. The boat leaves early in the morning or afternoon and takes you on a great tour of the Destin waters.

For the more experienced angler, an 8-10 hour trip is more up your alley! This is great for seasonal fish like Red Snapper and Amberjack. The crew will take you offshore to look for these popular fish. And, as a bonus, the Triton’s crew will fillet and bag your catch.

  • Did you know most local restaurants in Destin will cook your fish for you? That’s right; most restaurants offer a “you hook it, we cook it” deal on your daily catch. What could be better than some freshly caught snapper?

Got your eye on some Red Snapper this season? Give Destin Premium Charters a call at (850) 240-1142, or email them at [email protected] to book your charter!

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