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Relax and Float Awhile Giveaway!

Float Brothers - ShareWant to win a vacation in Destin and experience a new trend in relaxation? If so, iLoveDestin.com has the opportunity for you!

iLoveDestin is offering a May giveaway that includes a three night stay from Southern Vacation Rentals and a beginner float package from Float Brothers Float Spa in Destin. The beach is always soothing, but there are factors like sand, the sun, and the people around you that might interfere with your bliss. The float spa takes away all those factors and allows you to have the ideal experience.

The float spa is a new way to relax, and we are thrilled to have our own spa right here in Destin. The Float Brothers have worked hard to create a comforting atmosphere. First you enter your own personal floating space, or a float pod. The pod is filled with water that has the perfect amount of epsom salt to allow you to float effortlessly. The temperature of the water is controlled so it matches your body temperature, and because of this, within a few minutes you lose sensation of where the body stops and where the water starts. You can lie back and float for either 60 or 90 tranquil minutes.

Flotation therapy has been studied in the United States and Sweden, and has been recognized as a very luxurious way to soothe and heal the body. When in the space you are not aware of sight, sound, or touch. It is even said that you cannot feel the pull of gravity during your session. Other benefits include the improvement of the immune system, reduced blood pressure, and shortened recovery time.

iLoveDestin is excited to team up with the Float Brothers Float Spa and offer up a giveaway you cannot resist! Visit iLoveDestin’s Facebook page for more information and to see how you can enter to win!

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