A beautiful photo from Destin, FL

Sea Turtles Nesting in Destin, Florida!

Loggerhead sea turtle The conservation of our area wildlife is very important to us here along the Gulf Coast. The beautiful emerald water and white sand beaches are home to a myriad of animals, including a variety of creatures such as several species of sea turtles, whom have just begun nesting.

Sea turtles are big, beautiful animals and it’s fun to watch them come ashore. Their natural instinct and affinity for one beach over another is fascinating and awe inspiring. But, there are some guidelines we ask you to follow if out enjoying the beach at night during your Destin vacation. This ensures the safety of the turtles and their nests.

Sea turtle season runs from May through October, with late spring and early summer being the best time for new nests, while late summer and early fall are usually the busiest times of year for hatchlings. The creatures love to nest along the beaches of Destin and South Walton, as the South Walton Turtle Watch group can tell you.

Sea turtles normally lay their eggs at night, so if you happen to be out for a walk there are a few precautions we ask you to take. First, stay back! Please don’t interfere, block the path or get too close to a nesting mother.¬†Also, keep things dark. While it might be hard to for you to see, flashlights may confuse the turtles during their trip to¬†or from¬†the Gulf. In fact, during the summer, use sea turtle safe lights, which are red in color, over the harsh and confusing bright white lights of normal flashlights.

Oh, and one more important tip to help protect local wildlife while on vacation in Destin¬†or anywhere along our beaches – keep things clean, flat and, as we mentioned, dark. That’s the motto of local turtle watchers. Pick up all your trash from your beach day, throw away properly, knock down sand castles, fill in beach holes and remember to turn off those white flashlights if you spot a turtle.


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