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Snapper Season is Coming Up!

Have You Ever Been Snapper Fishing in Destin?

If you have ever visited Destin during the summer then you have probably heard people talking about or seen pictures of red snapper. Snapper season is one of the local’s favorite fishing seasons because red snapper is not only fun to catch but also makes for good eating! We have answered some of the top-rated questions when it comes to snapper season in Destin below.snapper fishing in Destin

When Does Snapper Season Start?

Because red snapper is such a popular fish in the area, the season is quite short to ensure it is not over-fished. The season starts on June 4th and runs through July 28th. There is talk of it opening up again in the fall depending on how the summer season goes.

This also means that when you go fishing, there will be limitations to how many red snapper you can keep. They must be 16 inches in length in order to keep them. You are also only allowed to keep two per person per day. These regulations are put in place so our waters can remain full of red snapper and we can continue to protect one of our favorite fish!

Where Can I Find a Fishing Charter in Destin?

There are so many fishing charters in Destin, but we have listed our favorites below. Each fishing charter offers a different experience, but they are all a guaranteed good time. Make sure to take pictures with your haul at the end of the day!

What is the Best Red Snapper Recipe?

One of the reasons red snapper is so popular is because it is so versatile. You can grill it, bake it, or fry it and it will be delicious no matter what! Below you will find three delicious recipes that would be wonderful if you substitute the fish listed with red snapper.

Interested in trying red snapper but can’t squeeze in a fishing charter during your stay? Click here to find a list of delicious restaurants in Destin that offer fresh seafood straight from the Gulf.

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