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Summer Family Reunion in Destin, FL

Planning Your Summer Family Reunion in Destin, FL

Planning a family reunion to the Gulf Coast? How exciting! We would love to help guide you on how to make this family reunion in Destin, FL one you will never forget! Looking for accommodations? Consider Cottages by the Bay in Destin, FL. With room for up to 50 guests, it is the perfect vacation rental in Destin for a family reunion.

La Paz in Destin, FL

Image courtesy of La Paz in Destin, FL

One way to make your family reunion memorable is by choosing a theme for the entire vacation! We have listed some of our favorite themes and ways to incorporate your theme throughout the vacation below.


  • Family Olympics
  • Family Heritage Awareness
  • Sun, Sand, and Surf
  • Mexican Fiesta
  • Oldies Dance Party
  • Wedding Anniversary or Birthday
  • Western

Things to Plan For

Food – Choose different meals each night that reflect your theme. For example, if you choose Family Heritage Awareness, search in old recipe books for a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. Serve that to your family and give them each a copy of the recipe to continue on the tradition.

Did you happen to choose the Mexican Fiesta theme? Check out a local favorite Mexican restaurant, La Paz, for delicious queso and margaritas!

Activities- There is always something to do in Destin! However, think about ways to make your daily activities centered around your designated theme. For example, if you chose Oldies Dance Party, host a talent show (with no judgment, of course) and give everyone 1 day to come up with their talent. For activities to do in Destin click here!

Decorations – Instead of going out for dinner, stay in one night and throw a theme-inspired party! Decorate your condo in Destin to reflect your family reunion theme. You could even take it a step further and provide fun costumes for your family to dress up! For example, if you chose Western, provide cowboy hates for people to wear throughout the night.

Choosing a theme for your family reunion to the beach will make it a vacation no one will want to go home from! For more information about family reunions at Cottages by the Bay, click here.

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