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Three Places to Watch the Big Game

Order your favorite Gulf seafood and find your perfect spot to catch a game.

Destin locals have a few secrets. Chief among them is this: fall is one of the most beautiful times of year. Of course, it seems that our secret is getting out and truthfully, we don’t mind. The Gulf of Mexico is just too gorgeous to keep to ourselves.

With more people vacationing on the Emerald Coast during fall months, everyone wants to know where they can grab a beverage, good food and watch their favorite football teams battle it out on the gridiron. For that question, The HarborWalk is the answer.

One of the most popular spots for a watch party is Harry T’s. This place offers plenty of game options on multiple big screen TVs; it opens early enough to catch the day’s first kickoff. Plus, they also offer great food and drink specials along with one of the best Bloody Marys on the harbor.

If you’re with a large group of jersey-clad friends, hit up Tailfin’s. Tailfin’s is one of the newest attractions on the harbor, with three levels of open air entertainment overlooking the water. Not to mention, a local musician is always performing on the lower level near the dock so you can catch live music while rooting for your favorite team.

Finally, a trip to the harbor wouldn’t be complete without stopping by AJ’s. With the addition of an outdoor entertainment area and jumbo-tron projection screen, this may be the very best place to catch a game. Grab a drink at any of the outdoor bars and check out what the fishermen are unloading during halftime.

In Destin, there is no wrong answer when asking, “Hey, where can I watch the game?” So book your Destin vacation, order a dozen oysters and an ice cold beer and enjoy everything the fall in Destin has to offer.

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