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Three Quiet Spots for Reading on Vacation

Cottages by the Bay

The Destin Library is just moments away from The Cottages by the Bay.

Few things outweigh the simple pleasure of reading a book outdoors. After all, one of the best moments of a Destin beach vacation is sitting in the sand and flipping the pages of a bestseller, as the waves gently serenade you. Yet, one thing gives summertime reading some stiff competition: reading outdoors in the fall on the Gulf Coast.

While visitors flock to Destin in the summer, locals will tell you autumn is often their favorite season. Cool morning temps still give way to the 70s at mid-day, yet there’s a cool breeze. It’s the perfect outdoor weather for a blanket and a book. Here are three places to cop a squat and get lost in a great novel:

1. The Lawn of the Destin Library

While you may not think of visiting a local library on vacation, chances are, you haven’t seen one quite as picturesque as the Destin Library. Tucked away on Sibert Avenue, near The Cottages by the Bay, the lush green lawn is shaded by oak trees and magnolias. Plenty of benches line the walkway, but why not indulge in the comfort of a blanket in the grass?

2. The Mattie Kelley Park & Nature Walk

Isaac Newton wrote, “Nature is pleased with simplicity.” Thus, why not be pleased with the simple pleasure of being in nature and ruminating on the pages of your favorite book? There’s no better place than the Mattie Kelley Park & Nature Walk on Beach Drive. A swath cut through the original landscape of the Emerald Coast, this is as close to the original Destin wilderness as you can get. Pack a picnic lunch and make an afternoon of it.

3. Norriego Point

Ask the locals where they go to the beach and you’ll likely hear, Norriego Point. Hidden at the end of Gulf Shore Drive, this quiet stretch of beach leads to the Destin jetties. Framing the Destin Pass, the jetties are something of a siren, calling to both nature lovers and bibliophiles alike. Explore the jetties, find the perfect nook, and then let the pages of a book lure you in.

Explore Destin for yourself and share your favorite secluded spots for reading outdoors!

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