A beautiful photo from Destin, FL

Throwback Thursday (TBT)

imageCaptain John A. Destin, March 5, 1897 – May 18, 1982

Captain John was admired and loved by all who knew him. He was the grandson of our Destin namesake, Leonard Destin who settled on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, East Pass peninsula establishing and mapping a large fishing industry giving work to many fishermen from all over. Coming from a line of successful fishermen pioneering new territory, he was more than a strong boat captain… he had a gift from God and a giving nature.

In a book written by Vivian Mettee, “Destin History and the Roots Run Deep”, she describes Captain John in this way, “If he were to paint a self portrait as honestly as he paints the ships, boats and the sea… he would in truth have to paint the picture of a fine figure of a man. One of above average height, wide breadth of shoulders, keen eyes and a sea weathered face… the image of a typical New England seafaring man. I am not sure that he would see himself as I see him, for he is extremely shy and modest.”

Captain John was an untrained artist. What he had was totally a gift and most of what he painted he gave away. He gave as gifts and wouldn’t take money for them. One of his paintings is on display in the hallway of the Destin Community Center in extension of The Destin History and Fishing Museum where you can go to learn more interesting facts about Destin.



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