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‘Tis the Season for Sea Turtles!

Here on the Gulf Coast, we love to see sea turtles!

Destin Premium Charters - Sea Turtle

They love the warm water as much as you do, and it’s always a treat to spot a few swimming in our emerald green waters. Like many Gulf Coast natives, sea turtles return to the spot they were born every season. This is as much their home as it is yours!

Right now is the prime time to see these beautiful creatures laying their eggs on the shore, but please don’t touch! Sea turtles are protected by the endangered species¬†act, so it is very important to admire from afar. The South Walton Turtle Watch helps protect sea turtle nests during nesting season, which lasts all the way through late October. Some tips on keeping turtles safe this nesting season:

  • Hands off! Please don’t try to handle the hatchlings or a sea turtle – oftentimes it can do more harm than good.
  • Turn out the lights, save a life.¬†Sea turtles get confused when they see a light and will head toward land instead of the water where they belong. For outdoor lighting, opt for turtle-friendly incandescent or fluorescent¬†lights with low wattage. And turn out your lights when you aren’t using them!
  • Clear the way.¬†Keeping the beach clear of umbrellas, chairs, and other items will help sea turtles and hatchlings easily return to their nests.
  • Choose turtle-friendly activities. Driving or lighting bonfires on the beach can be hazardous to sea turtles and their nests.

If you’re interested in seeing the turtles from the Gulf Coast waters, we recommend Destin’s premier charter company, Destin Premium Charters! New to the area, this team of talented professionals offers many different ways to spot a sea turtle, but their sunset and dolphin cruise is the perfect way to spot dolphins and other marine life. Those who embark on this trip will take a two-hour journey around the Destin Harbor and through the gulf or bay. Don’t forget to bring your camera! Getting a glimpse of the turtles or other marine life in their natural habitat is an experience we guarantee you’ll never forget.

“Sea” the turtles and other amazing sea life this spring! Schedule your next outing with Destin’s newest charter, Destin Premium Charters. For close-by accommodations, check out these beautiful beachfront homes or condos in Destin!

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